Penelope  Orr

Penelope Orr

Dr. Penny Orr is currently a professor in art education and art therapy at Edinboro University. She uses writing and painting as an outlet for her own personal sanity and escapism to other worlds. She currently lives with her two children in an 1860's farm house, teaches full time and writes whenever possible.

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Art Education in a Climate of Reform
Art Education in a Climate of Reform
by Penelope Orr Rating: 0.0

In an era of national school reform and accountability, it is more critical than ever for educators to agree on the major goals of education. Without clear and measurable goals, educators cannot provide data to show whether those goals are being achieved, making it difficult for teachers to be seen as accountable in today's reform climate.

Art Education in a Climate of Reform first analyzes the changes in the social context of art and how these changes have impacted K-12 and university level-education. These changes,plus the current culture of accountability, have led many arts educators to question the goal or message of arts-based curriculum. Charles Dorn and Penelope Orr reaffirm art's place in education by describing it as not just a discipline or form, but as an idea, even a language. Finally, they contend that art is a social enterprise essential to a a complete education.

Genres: Humanities, Politics, Educational