Jeffrey Reeves

Jeffrey Reeves

Jeffrey Reeves has spent over 35 years helping Americans who are trapped in the dysfunctional financial model that incessantly chants the mantra: “You can have everything you need and anything you want as long as you have enough credit!” You can have the sixty inch flat panel TV, the new SUV, the dream vacation, the lavish “once-in-a-lifetime” wedding, the upscale home, a perfect retirement, and on and on…

To this way of thinking “I can afford it” means you have enough income to make the payments – including huge amounts of interest. It barely whispers that you only get to use the things you “buy”; that you really don’t own them. But, it ardently shouts that just “having” them proves your wealth and worth. This model is designed to make others wealthy at your expense. It makes bad decisions feel good.

This is called the Debt Paradigm.

And, when some life event decimates your income and Debt Paradigm decisions dump you into a dungeon of despair, a “credit repair” guy creeps from a crevasse to show you a way out of the darkness and back into the light of this failed model - so you can do it all over again.

EUREKONOMICS[tm] is a better way. Jeffrey's best selling book "Money for Life!...How to Thrive in Good Times and Bad" shows you how EUREKONOMICS[tm] lets you take control of the money that flows through your life without giving up your lifestyle.

EUREKONOMICS[tm] works for you in good times and bad. Job loss, disability, illness, family crisis - or any other life event that could throw you for a loss - becomes manageable. EUREKONOMICS[tm] lets you look forward with confidence so you never have to look back with regret.

Jeffrey Reeves has been guiding clients for over 35 years as they chart their paths to financial security with the arsenal of EUREKONOMICS[tm] tools in "Money for Life!…How to Thrive in Good times and Bad."
(Not the MLM program with a similar name.)

Jeffrey Reeves MA
Author, Speaker, and Financial Guide

Specialties:Before setting out on a path of debt elimination, financial planning, investing, contributing to a 401k or IRA, refinancing a home, starting a 529 plan, buying a CD or even something as simple as opening a savings account, discover the EUREKONOMICS[tm] Model for Creating and Managing Wealth - a comprehensive and holistic approach to dealing with your money. As Dr Agon Fly says: "EUREKONOMICS[tm] - Grow rich without risk. Secure wealth without worry."


Jeffrey Reeves is a seasoned professional business owner, consultant, salesperson and entrepreneur. He is an outside-the-box problem solver with a non-linear/non-sequential career. He has traveled the paths of the doer, the manager, the teacher, the coach, the seer, the owner and the problem solver.

Jeffrey has been learning for over fifty years from success and failure, loyal and false friends, brilliant advisors and inept charlatans. He admits that he has been unjustifiably proud and properly humbled—right and wrong, sometimes at the same moment.

Jeffrey Reeves is a valued contributor, friend and advisor.


• Developed a comprehensive whole life insurance marketing program and trained numerous agents to employ it successfully
• Coached nine highly productive insurance brokers to use the Internet for both recruiting and achieving significant sales increases
• Organized and managed the Cincinnati Cheetahs professional USISL (A League) soccer team and the Cincinnati Snow Leopards women’s semi-pro soccer team (1994-95)
• Organized and successfully managed a European tour of two girls soccer teams that culminated in defeating European national teams and the New Jersey State USYSA team to win the Holland Cup Tournament
• Built the Benefits Experts Agency— 1975 to 1999—which served the insurance needs of over 100 small manufacturing, distribution and service companies. Concurrently acted as founder, consultant, and advisor to software developer—Convey Companies:
• As a consultant,
• guided NCR Corporation’s multiple manufacturing divisions into a highly visible position within the software industry
• built Convey Companies software consulting practice to over 60 billable software engineers and a specialized software products division serving the banking industry.
• Increased Cutler-Williams consulting revenue in one district from $5,000 per month to over $100,000 per month in less than a year
• Managed the information systems associate degree program at Cincinnati State College. Was elected chairman of the Faculty senate
• Selected as the only education consultant in Honeywell Information Systems to attend Honeywell's prestigious International Advanced Systems Seminar and was elected Vice President of the gathering
• Managed the Air Force Logistics Command's School for Systems and Programming. This included developing the curriculum, conducting the training, and evaluating student performance for Air Force Officers and GS9 through GS13 civilian specialists.


Jeffrey is a top-notch salesperson that achieves or exceeds self defined goals

Jeffrey taught fifth graders binary math and CEO's meditation techniques. Along the way he also taught systems and programming, sales, soccer, meditation practices, time management, goal setting, manufacturing systems, product planning and management, financial systems and insurance and investment strategies. Teaching just comes naturally

In the truest sense Jeffrey is a coach that motivates and trains other capable individuals-clients, sales reps, team members - to perform at their best. He has experience coaching business owners, client executives, high achieving managers, salespeople and athletes in goal setting, time management, skill development and meditation

Jeffrey is an astute observer. He identifies and defines problems and opportunities that others might ignore or overlook by discovering and implementing uncommon solutions to common [and uncommon] problems

Jeffrey is adept at managing both line and staff people and processes
• Listening, seeing, relating, understanding, empathizing, leading:
these skills are the primary focus of teaching, coaching, managing and supporting clients and co-workers
• Internet Savvy:
Jeffrey is familiar and comfortable with the Internet and the capabilities it brings to management, systems, sales and marketing activities
• Selling Cycle Mastery:
Identify, approach, probe, present and close. Each step in the selling cycle demands unique skills. These skills develop with proper training and coaching. Mastery comes with experience and practice.

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All Books By This Author:

Money Now, Money Later, Money for Life! How to Thrive in Good Times and Bad
Money Now, Money Later, Money for Life!  How to Thrive in Good Times and Bad
by Jeffrey Reeves Rating: 0.0

Americans have been held for decades in the modern day version of debtor’s prison

'Money for Life' exposes this darkness and deception to the bright light of common sense and gives readers a time-tested escape plan from this treacherous Debt Paradigm--EUREKONOMICS[TM].

For hundreds of years, Americans have been the most skilled and productive creators of personal wealth in the world. But in the last 3 decades, an insidious new paradigm has insinuated itself into our minds and siezed control of our wallets. The Debt Paradigm tells us we can have everything we desire, anytime we want it – and all we have to do is sell ourselves into the indentured servitude of debt-to-others.

'Money for Life' rediscovers and teaches the EUREKONOMICS[TM] principles that America was founded on – the same common sense notions that gave your grandparents peace of mind about money – and completes those principles with state of the art financial thinking and 21st century financial products that let you master your everyday spending, while leveraging assets you already own to become your own banker--all without changing your lifestyle.

EUREKONOMICS[TM] postulates proven principles and practices that let Americans take control of their money, and create prosperity and security.

Discover how every successful personal economy rests upon EUREKONOMICS[TM] 'Four Pillars' chronicled in Money for Life:

•Freedom from debt-to-others
•An income you don’t have to work for and won’t outlive
•Money when you need it to deal with life’s surprises
•A legacy of wisdom and wealth for your children, grandchildren and beyond

'Money for Life!' is a great and easy read!

It is a whimsical, factual, funny, erudite, and well-written “how-to” book for Americans who want prosperity and security.

Jeffrey Reeves MA is available for speaking engagements, book signings and financial seminars!
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The 250th Anniversary Edition of "The Way to Wealth" by Benjamin Franklin with Commentary by Dr Agon Fly
The 250th Anniversary Edition of "The Way to Wealth" by Benjamin Franklin with Commentary by Dr Agon Fly
by Jeffrey Reeves Rating: 0.0

What wonderful work Jeffrey Reeves has done updating Ben Franklin’s The Way to Wealth!

Dr Agon Fly’s Commentary ranks right alongside George Clason’s The Richest Man in Babylon as the complete answer to the problems created by the arrogance of the financial community during our times (2008 ----).

The truths that Benjamin Franklin isolated are eternal. They work! They made America prosper and blessed all her people because enough of them read and obeyed these truths. But they were too simple for the sophisticated and super-educated financial geniuses that we have today!

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