Roberta Crawford Morency

Roberta Crawford Morency

Roberta started a career in the media at Radio Station WLBC Muncie, Indian, leading to other radio jobs at numerous stations. She worked as journalist, announcer, disc jockey and writer. She studied radio engineering at University of Cincinnati and achieved a second class radiotelephone license. Her license hung on the walls while she did everything else at the stations except climb the towers.
She supervised three other writers at an NBC television station in Louisville Kentucky, WAVE-TV and later went to Palm Beach to help launch Channel 5, starting television in South Florida, which took the air August 26, 1954. She worked at the city desk at the former The Palm Beach Times and later worked as women's editor at The Stuart News.
Unfortunately she followed doctors' orders in five different states, taking iron medication for anemia, and that nearly cost her life. She was at that time as ignorant of the deadliness of iron stores as is most of the population. Anemia needs B vitamins. A fact she learned the hard way is that if you are able to eat food, any diet, you can't be iron deficient, UNLESS you're losing blood daily chronically as with a bleeding ulcer or that cancer cells, bacteria or parasites are using the irion.
Her life was saved by an accidental diagnosis. She decided to share her good luck. She researched with the knowledgeable physicians and scientists who were studying iron, and she discovered that everything we had been taught is dead wrong. The medical literature is filled with information, written mostly by specialists, showing that iron can damage every part of the body.
Roberta wrote an article for Good Housekeeping Magazine in 1980 and she received more than a hundred letters from families. The letters gave a picture of tragic avoidable deaths and fortunes spent seeking a correct diagnosis. She started a newsletter for the families and that number soon grew into the thousands.
Roberta founded an international corporation, Iron Overload Diseases Association, Inc. The corporation was supported by her mentor doctors. Volunteers came to help open bags and boxes of mail.
She was invited to speak at medical meetings and she traveled to Russia, Australia, Gefmany, Italy and France as well as throughout the United States speaking.
In 2005 Roberta met a Frenchman from Montreal who convinced her to retire. She married Claude Morency in 2006. Now she writes novels, screenplays, magazine articles, short stories and has started writing an opera.

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2095 by Roberta Crawford Morency
2095 by Roberta Crawford Morency
by Roberta Crawford Morency Rating: 0.0

2095 Synopsis
What the reader cares about in my 80,000 word sci fi, is irresistible Pierre, Montreal Frenchman, who’s excellent advising others’ love problems, but can’t seem to solve his own.
“2095” is the love story of Pierre and Isabelle, and missed signals at every turn drive their anguish.
Technology is wonderfully advanced. The population enjoys a life span of 150 years in 2095 because they get their nourishment from computerized feeding stations instead of just eating what tastes good, the way a dog would. They skim around on flybys and keep teams of robot servants. Five characters are colorful robots. Pierre spreads rose petals on a hotel bed, orders champagne and gets a wink from the robot waiter. A thrill before the fall.
In 2095 people have evolved far beyond religion, money and even government. Scientists guide them, and Pierre is mentor to the stricken and chastened world, following the global warming Catastrophy of 2055.
During the anniversary celebration of The Catastrophe they look back at the unevolved people of the early twenty-first Century. Us. The United States has become a third world country because of corruption. The peoples’ language is Spanish.
Sex occurs with dancer Rita and her lesbian lover. There’s something like sex between British George, who can’t get anywhere with women and doesn’t have a clue why, and his new robot, Victoria, who knows how to please a man. She’s beautiful, but operates with batteries.
Of course at the very end Pierre and Isabelle reach their bliss, since love always finds a way.