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Banks, Kt
KT  Banks
Biography: KT Banks once said that she thinks she must be related to Bugs Bunny because she just loves to mess with people. That must be why there are so many twists and turns in her books. One thing is for sure, they'll keep you guessing. Sometimes you may think you know ...
Genres: Adventure, Contemporary Fiction, Crime Fiction, Mystery, Other Interests, Romance, Suspense
Barnes, Mari
Mari Barnes
Biography: ML Barnes has been a practicing word nerd for most of her life. She’s never met a bookstore or adventure (mostly in books) that she didn’t like. After being told by an agent that her novel was “good and very funny,” but that the agent wouldn't represent it, Mari...
Books: Parting River Jordan, Parting River Jordan, Crossing River Jordan
Genres: Chick Lit, Contemporary Fiction, Humor, Mystery, Religious, Romance
Bean, E. William
E. William Bean
Biography: Dr. E. William Bean, President, of the Centre for the Study of Biblical Research (CSBR) in Glendora, California and, is an adjunct teacher in various colleges and universities. He also is a credentialed teacher in the California Community College system in Relig...
Books: Monotheism, Understanding the Trinity
Beninati, C. A.
C. A. Beninati
Biography: Personal memoirs and fantastic fictions are weaved throughout my writings. I love to explore the philosophy of human nature through fiction or not! Now that you're interested, it would be a fantastic time to swing by my website and read some of these self-accl...
Books: The Italian Soda Man
Genres: Humanities, Short Stories
Benjamin, Stuart
Stuart Benjamin
Books: Capitol P
Genres: Crime Fiction, Mystery, Scripts
Berryman, Karen
Karen Berryman
Biography: Karen has been a freelance writer since 1999. She has 11 books completed. She is best known for two series - the Sarah Series and the Natallie Series. In addition to the series books, she has two short stories books. Her latest is a combination of adventure,...
Books: Just Because The Rooster Crows, does not Mean it is Time to Get Up, Sarah, The schoolteacher, Sarah, The Young Mother - Sequel to Sarah, The Schoolteacher, Sarah, The Adopted Mother of the Bride - sequel to Sarah, The Young Mother, Sarah Sojourns into Fall - Sequel to Sarah, The Adopted Mother of the Bride, Sarah's Faith - sequel to Sarah Sojourns into Fall, Natallie - A Mountain Too Big, Natallie's Road of Decision - Sequel to A Mountain Too Big, Through The storm - Sequel to Natallie's Road of Decision, Rising Above The Rubble - A sequel to Through The Storm
Genres: Adventure, Mystery, Romance
Biscardi, Antonia
Antonia  Biscardi
Biography: This is probably my worst trait…writing an About Me. I’ve decided to take an unconventional approach and give you the real me; not some overly “look at me I’m so professional” individual. I have been fascinated with writing for most of my life. I can...
Books: Drawing Dead
Genres: Adventure, Poetry, Romance, Suspense
Blackwelder, Ami
ami blackwelder
Books: The Gate of Lake Forest
Genres: Fantasy
Books, Slippers Childrens
Slippers Childrens  Books
Biography: Slippers Childrens Books / Virtuoso publications a division of Dream Catcher Multimedia Please take the time to enjoy or books hopefully discovering how to deal with others threw laughter, humility & understanding will alloy you to feel empathy for others. T...
Books: Go bez nibe 'very clever firefly by Tony Angelo, Hey Charlie and Goody two shoes by Tony Angelo, Honey, I'm Home / Home Sweet Home by Tony Angelo, Dawg Gone and The Doseys by Tony Angelo, Dawg gone by Tony Angelo, Hey Charley by Tony Angelo, The Sandwich , Wise Quakers, A New Name by Scott 'Bubba" Brookshire, SANDY THE SAND RAKER by Carol Natoli
Genres: Children, Fairy Tales, Short Stories, Young Adult
Bouchard, Pj
PJ Bouchard
Biography: PJ Bouchard is a native of New Hampshire. She is a published poet and short story author. She resides in Center Ossipee, NH with her husband Jerry. Her interests vary from genealogy, history, travel and animal rescue. She has recently discovered the joy of writi...
Books: Lucky Liam And The Galway Fairies
Genres: Children