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Campanaro, Judith
Judith Campanaro
Books: An Adventure in Self Discovery
Genres: Self-Improvement
Casey, Edwin F.
Edwin F. Casey
Biography: Ed Casey is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Xavier University School of Medicine at Aruba. He is Past-President of the Rotary Club of New York, Past-President of the New York State Association of Cemeteries, and former Managing Director of Operations for T...
Books: Tales from the Granite Orchard
Genres: Humor
Ceccarelli, Willard
Willard Ceccarelli
Biography: Life becomes busy and for the better part of mine, I worked hard and raised my family. In between all of the dramas of a real life I have managed to create a world within my writing that tells a story. A friend once told me that life cannot be fulfilling unles...
Books: The Van Gogh Agenda
Genres: Suspense
Champ, Robert
Robert Champ
Books: My Mourning Turned to Laughter
Genres: Humanities
Chandler, Philip
Philip Chandler
Biography: I started keeping bees in conventional hives, and learned about boxes and frames and foundation, and how to treat bees for mites and diseases, and how to use this and that shiny, stainless steel gadget, all the while thinking that this didn't seem like the best ...
Books: The Barefoot Beekeeper's Guide to Swarming and Swarm Management, An Introduction to Natural Beekeeping for Gardeners, Learning From Bees: a philosophy of natural beekeeping, Balanced Beekeeping I: Building a Top Bar Hive, How To Build A Simple Top Bar Hive
Genres: Educational, Essays, Gardening, General, Hobby & Craft, New Ideas, Nutrition, Other Interests, Philosophy, Science
Charpentier, Michelle
Michelle Charpentier
Biography: As an avid student of life, Michelle enjoys teaching others how to find the humor in everyday experiences. She encourages everyone she meets to take the time to enjoy life to the fullest.
Books: Dinner Should be Enjoyed Naked
Genres: Humor, Romance
Chiles, David
David Chiles
Books: The Principles of Netiquette
Genres: Business, Educational, Motivation, Philosophy, Relationships, Spirituality, Technology
Coffey Lewis, Galina
Galina Coffey-Lewis
Biography: Galina Coffey-Lewis is the author of six books including the Canadian bestseller Be Restored to Health and Healing Thoughts for Wounded Hearts. She has written extensively about healing of the whole person and the healing journey many people take in their spi...
Genres: Spirituality
Collins, Billy Joe
billy joe  collins
Books: Joey's Thoughts
Genres: Poetry
Copeland, Jeff
Jeff Copeland
Biography: We feel, see, and hear, but do we live? Life is predicated on humanity's ability to seek out new challenges with no guarantees. There are few among us who move to the beat of their own heart - - pioneers of change, adventurers fulfilling hidden passions. As ...
Genres: Adventure, Mystery, Suspense