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Darin, Melissa
Melissa Darin
Biography: Living in Grand Rapids, Michigan as a FreeLance Writer. Has written for numerous magazines and received numerous awards. Has had her poetry published in other books. Writes under the pen name "LadySaturn". Is currently working on a children's book about of all ...
Books: Saturn Chronicles, Inside The Mind Of A Saturnite
Genres: Poetry, Short Stories
Davis, Michael
Michael Davis
Books: Score More Touchdowns, In and Out of the Bedroom! A Real Men's Guide to More Love, Better Sex, and More Succssful Relationships, Score More Touchdowns, In and Out of the Bedroom! A Real Men's Guide to More Succssful Relationships - Green Bay Edition, Score More Touchdowns, In and Out of the Bedroom! A Real Men's Guide to More Succssful Relationships - Dallas Edition
Genres: Educational, Relationships, Romance, Self-Improvement
Davis, Nick
Nick Davis
Biography: Nick Davis is an Englishman currently living on the East Coast of the USA not too far removed from Charm City (aka Baltimore). He is a former White Dwarf feature writer, now freelance content creator and fully employed Web Designer. He is married to a very pa...
Books: The Tether, Accept One, Book Two of The Tether, The Archer, the Horse and the Princess
Genres: Fairy Tales, Fantasy
Davison, Kevin
Kevin Davison
Biography: Born August 13th, 1975 in Portland, Oregon, Kevin is an author, cage fighter, father and husband. He takes pride all of these titles. He enjoys long getaways into nature, where he can go hiking, fishing and camping. He is a proud father of four children, Kae...
Books: Wrath 2nd Edition, Reign of Terror
Genres: Adventure, Crime Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Suspense, Young Adult
Decker, Sidney
Sidney Decker
Biography: Sid Decker is a retired computer scientist and management consultant. He is well known for his creative ability and published many articles in technology journals and developed several major applications. He has been writing for years both novels and scree...
Books: Roots of Life
Genres: Adventure, Historical Fiction, Military/War, Mystery
Delara, Jorge
Jorge Delara
Biography: ... I smell the green of the field as I paint it ... Hear the crack of the bat with each stroke of my brush....
Books: Dao Artistry by Jorge Delara, Baseball Artistry 1st Edition, The Book of ASS -Third Edition, Dao Artistry by Jorge De Lara, Baseball Artistry - Special Edition
Genres: Children, Contemporary Fiction, Educational, Entertainment, Family, Graphic Novels, Health & Fitness, Hobby & Craft, Humor, Metaphysical, Motivation, New Age, Other Interests, Other Interests, Philosophy, Poetry, Relationships, Religion, Self-Improvement, Spirituality, Sports, Young Adult
Deurloo, Christine
Christine Deurloo
Biography: Christine was born in Giessenburg, the Netherlands in 1966. She wrote her first story on her 9th birthday in bed, it was about a spider. She scribbled in or on everything she could lay her hands on. At the age of 13 she was accused of copying a story from a book...
Books: Mind Games
Genres: Crime Fiction, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Suspense
Dexter, Jack Dexter
Jack Dexter Dexter
Books: Any Ol' Jack
Genres: Graphic Novels, Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Distribution , Virtuoso Book
Virtuoso Book Distribution
Books: The Beginning of Never by Emily Kurtyan, Who Will Hug the Sun by Ey Wade, NOT A SOUND NOT A PEEP by Ey Wade, BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM by Ey Wade, "Thorns of a Red Rose" by RoseMeade, From inside these prison walls By: Louis M. Boudreaux, I remember you well by Louis M. Boudreaux By: Louis M. Boudreaux, The Love of the Truth, American Babylon, the price of freedom By: Doublee
Genres: Adventure, Children, Contemporary Fiction, Crime Fiction, Fairy Tales, Mystery, Poetry, Religious, Romance, Speculative Fiction, Suspense, Young Adult
Dotson, Stefany
Stefany Dotson
Books: living on the edge
Genres: Adventure