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Gallacher, Jc
JC Gallacher
Biography: JC Gallacher is a multi genre author of fiction and non fiction in ebook format. He is also a playwright and writer of various internet articles. He is published by Ardigan Books, and his works appear on sites such as Amazon, Smashwords etc...
Books: Alchemy and Evil, The Bornless One, Fresh Meat, Comprehensive Tarot, Alchemy and Evil, The Bornless One, Fresh Meat, Comprehensive Tarot, Mouth Trap
Genres: Adventure, Educational, Entertainment, Family, Fantasy, Finance, General, Horror, Humanities, Humor, Language, Marriage, Memoir, Metaphysical, Motivation, New Age, New Ideas, Philosophy, Politics, Real Estate, Relationships, Religion, Romance, Science Fiction, Spirituality, War
Gardner, Jason
Jason Gardner
Books: Dear Law School, Will You Go Out With Me? Check One: Yes, No, Maybe.
Genres: Educational
Gaston, Yolanda
Yolanda Gaston
Biography: Yolanda Gaston, a native of Houston, TX, has had a love for poetry since elementary. First introduced to the works of Robert Frost, she wrote her first poem at the age of 11. Aside from being an avid writer, her other interests include reading and spending time ...
Books: Seasons & Elements: Poetic Phases of Love, Reflections Of An Inner Being, Scattered Tears
Genres: Chick Lit, Feminism, Motivation, Poetry, Relationships, Religion, Religious, Self-Improvement, Short Stories, Spirituality
Getchell, Wendy
Wendy Getchell
Biography: As a recently retired Registered Nurse of 24 years I have started writing stories for children's magazines. I have been fortunate enough to have one published in Winner Magazine. I have also completed a manuscript about the nursing profession. Aside from th...
Books: The Nurses Action Guide to Starting Your Own Business, Nursing: A Wicked Profession
Genres: Business, Educational, Health & Fitness, New Ideas
Grant, Alicia
Alicia   Grant
Biography: Author Alicia Grant has written several articles and eBooks now she has written her first Christian book “Powerful Bible Scriptures on Healing.” This book consists of anointed prayers and over 100 powerful Bible scriptures on healing. The scriptures are taken fr...
Books: Powerful Bible Scriptures on Healing
Genres: Religion, Spirituality
Graves, J. Anthony
J. Anthony Graves
Biography: A product of the unforgiving East Side of Chicago, J. Anthony Graves has experienced his share of perilous living in the Midwestern miasma he calls home. Despite the fact that he started reading at the age of two and went on to become a straight-A student, he ev...
Genres: Adventure, Crime Fiction
Green, Jim
Jim  Green
Books: Beginners Please: Murder
Genres: Mystery
Gregorio, Ralph
Ralph Gregorio
Biography: Ralph Is a retired Police Officer and Private Investigator. He is currently living in a small rural town in New Hampshire. Hard cover or paperback versions of "A Murder In Zurich" or "Abduction and Revenge", can be obtained directly from the publisher at http:...
Books: A Murder In Zurich, Abduction and Revenge, LIVE FREE OR DIE FIGHTING- Survival in the North Country
Genres: Adventure, Contemporary Fiction, Crime Fiction, Fantasy, Military/War, Mystery, Science Fiction, Suspense
Guajardo, Irenia
Irenia Guajardo
Biography: Irenia Guajardo was born in Salinas, California in 1976, Irenia has always wanted to be a writer with a natural gift of telling intricate stories since she was able to talk. Since 1997, Irenia has gone through a series of obstacles, but she kept forging ahead...
Books: Illuminations of the Soul Obscurities of the Heart, Obscurities of the Heart, The Devil's Hand, Hidden Caller
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Poetry, Short Stories, Suspense
Gubbins, Edmund
Edmund Gubbins
Biography: After leaving school, I served for twelve years as a deck officer in the British Merchant Navy. During that time I sailed with Eagle Oil and Shipping Company, Shell Tankers, United Baltic Corporation and British Rail Shipping Services. After leaving the sea...
Books: Brotherly Love
Genres: Suspense