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Hamilton, Meagan
meagan hamilton
Books: Pregnant? Holy Mother of Chocolate
Genres: Chick Lit, Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Hamlett, Christina
Christina Hamlett
Biography: Former actress/theater director Christina Hamlett is the author of 30 books, 150 plays, 5 optioned feature films, and hundreds of articles and interviews that appear in trade publications throughout the world. In addition to her work as an instructor, ghostwrite...
Books: A Bel Air Lawyer in King Henry's Court, HARBOR OF THE HEART, Eire Apparent, The Sisters of Thistle, HOW TO WRITE A TV SERIES (A "Buy the Book/Get the Coach" edition), HOW TO WRITE A PLAY (A "Buy the Book/Get the Coach" edition), UNLEASHED, PUBLISH OR PERISH, HOW TO TELL IF YOUR CO-WORKERS ARE FROM MARS & OTHER TALES OF THE WORKPLACE, HOW TO WRITE A SCREENPLAY (A "Buy the Book/Get the Coach" Edition), Media Magnetism: How to Attract the Favorable Publicity You Want and Deserve
Genres: Business, Chick Lit, Contemporary Fiction, Crime Fiction, Educational, Entertainment, Entrepreneurial, General, Historical Fiction, Horror, Humor, Humor, Military/War, Mystery, Romance, Scripts, Scripts, Suspense
Hauswirth, Katherine
Katherine  Hauswirth
Biography: Katherine Hauswirth writes creative nonfiction, book reviews, and poetry. She has a background as a nurse practitioner in psychiatry and weaves principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy and positive behavior reinforcement into her work. Her work has been publis...
Books: Harriet's Voice: A Writing Mother's Journey
Genres: Motivation
Hayward, Richard
Richard Hayward
Biography: Rich Hayward was born in Queens New York and grew up in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, graduating from Bishop Ford High School in 1976. He went on to college at the State University of New York at New Paltz and enlisted in the U.S. Navy serving in California, New Zealand,...
Books: Short Stories from America's Future Great Authors Volume 1
Genres: Short Stories
Hege, Leah M
Leah M Hege
Biography: I went to school at Pirie, Resurrection, Luther South and Bradley University. I have a young son, and a loving relationship with my mate and with my God. Writing comes naturally to me as a means of expression. Poetry is my first love, but now Children's ficti...
Genres: Children, Poetry, Short Stories
Herman, Deborah
Deborah Herman
Biography: Deborah Levine Herman, CEO of Off the Bookshelf, is a twenty year veteran literary agent and author whose forte has been in selecting and developing projects for the Jeff Herman Literary Agency. Her first book for Off the bookshelf is a long awaited second edit...
Books: Spiritual Writing from Inspiration to Publication
Genres: Spirituality
Herman, Deborah
Deborah Herman
Biography: C.Ronald Garner is one of the most well respected UFO/Paranormal Researchers in the United States today. He is highly regarded for the thorough and journalistic approach to his research which has led to the inner sanctum of those ready to share above top secret ...
Books: Anonymous: Comes out of the Shadows to Brief the White House about UFOs
Genres: History, New Age, New Ideas, Politics, Science
Hickey, Barry James
Barry James Hickey
Biography: Barry James Hickey lives in Colorado. He has had careers in feature films, music and theater. Barry writes stories about ordinary people discovering their heart and spirit. "I like to choose unusual predicaments with unusual environments that most readers may ne...
Books: The Five Pearls
Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Mystery, Young Adult
Higgins, Roy
Roy higgins
Biography: I am a retired electronics engineer and educator living in rural Lancashire England. I am married with two daughters and grandchildren. I began by writing technical publications which were published by Longman Scientific and Technical over twenty years ago. Sinc...
Books: Satan's Whiskers, Weekend in Amsterdam
Genres: Adventure, Crime Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Suspense
Hines, Darryl
Darryl Hines
Biography: Bio Darryl Alexander. Hines Author Darryl A. Hines might be described by some as a Renaissance Man. Darryl believes that the mind and spirit have no creative limitations and as a result he has enjoyed a career as an attorney, a visual artist and now is th...
Books: Desdemona
Genres: Adventure, Contemporary Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense