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Painter, Amelia
Amelia Painter
Biography: Amelia Painter is the author of four non-fiction books as well as a large number of magazine articles.
Books: Opening and Operating a Bed & Breakfast in the 21st Century
Genres: Business, Entrepreneurial
Peart, Olive
Olive Peart
Biography: Olive Peart is the author of the young adult novel, Linked, which was published in 2009. Peart regularly writes articles for radiological journals and newsmagazines and gives lectures on radiography-related topics at seminars across the Unites States. Her other ...
Books: Linked, The Intruders, Spanish for Radiology Professionals
Genres: Adventure, Children, Health & Fitness, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Pescatore, Lori
Lori Pescatore
Biography: A preschool teacher by day, a mom for dinners and then late night writer. I began writing back in elementary school doing fan fiction long before the Internet. I enjoyed writing stories about my friends and their favorite celebrities falling in love, blah, blah,...
Books: Human Blend, Earth Blend
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Pettus, Doretha
Doretha Pettus
Books: Reckless Words
Genres: Religion
Pharris, James
James Pharris
Biography: James Pharris is an education entrepreneur--the Owner/Publisher of, an online company that specializes in creating online learning materials. Follow my blog at I blend the positive aspects of pop cult...
Books: I like the rappers but I want mine too! So, what's an underdog have to do?, 3 Pack of Growth to Go, A-B-C Anger Becomes Concentration, That Crazy Kid with the Mad Dreams, Where to find a particular subject (E-book index), Goal Setting Alicia Keys Style (Parts 1-3), Self Improvement Slim Shady Style (Eminem), Brain Fertilizer for Growing Young Minds, Learn from what you Love!, Your Emotions & Your Eating
Genres: Entertainment
Phillips, Helen
Helen Phillips
Biography: Helen Phillips - Book 'Fly With Me; A True Story of Healing from Multiple Sclerosis' God healed me from multiple sclerosis Helen was born in Johannesburg in 1941, an only child of Christian parents. She talked to Jesus as her companion from as early ...
Books: Fly With Me; A True Story of Healing from Multiple Sclerosis
Genres: Biographies, Health & Fitness, Religion, Self-Improvement, Spirituality
Pickholz, Jerry
jerry Pickholz
Biography: I was born in New York City and I’m a product of its school system through a BBA in Accounting. I must have listened a bit since I passed the CPA exam on my first attempt. My career was interrupted by a brief interlude as a Lieutenant in the US Navy, affordin...
Books: A Great Run
Genres: Biographies
Pimm, Bobbie Ann
Bobbie Ann Pimm
Biography: Bobbie Ann Pimm is a dreamer. Her journey into dream interpretation began over 20 years ago. At that time, two dreams kept recurring. Dreams she was sure were telling her something -- but what? In 2001, she started the Notes From a Dreamer ... on Dreaming (...
Books: Notes From a Dreamer ... on Dreaming: A Personal Journey in Dream Interpretation
Genres: Educational, General, Motivation, Other Interests, Self-Improvement, Spirituality
Plegge, Lori
Lori Plegge
Biography: My name is Lori Plegge and I live in Little Rock, AR with my husband Cliff. I was born in Little Rock and was adopted at the age of 4 months. I graduated from Newport High School and have lived in Mississippi, Virginia, North Dakota and Minnesota since then. W...
Books: When Tomorrow Starts Without Me
Genres: Family, Motivation, Self-Improvement
Press, Greenpoint
Greenpoint Press
Biography: Greenpoint Press was established in 2004 as the publishing arm of the webzine, Now, as a result of the 2007 merger between Ducts and the New York Writers Workshop, we are part of New York Writers Resources. Our aim is to publish high-quality non-ficti...
Books: Swann's Last Song, Between Heaven and Earth: An Adventure in Free Fall, Long Gone, New York in the Fifties
Genres: Adventure, Biographies, Contemporary Fiction, Crime Fiction, Entertainment, Family, General, History, Humanities, Humor, Mystery, Other Interests, Suspense, Travel