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Ramsey, Dian
Dian Ramsey
Biography: I am a registered nurse by trade and I teach in our community college. I have 27 years of bedside nursing and am now teaching students to care for people in the home and in the nursing homes. This is a very rewarding job. I do have a passion for writing and l...
Books: Hello, God, Remember Me?
Genres: Family, Motivation, Relationships, Religion, Spirituality
Raven, Jenna
Jenna Raven
Biography: Born in a small naval town, Jenna began writing as a young child. Her earliest works, remain unpublished and locked away in a secret box until further notice. Currently, she lives in sunny South Carolina with her loving husband, a pug called Napoleon Pedro Dyna...
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Myths, Romance, Science Fiction, Suspense, Young Adult
Ray, Marty
Marty Ray
Biography: In 2006 Cathy and Marty, both avid readers, decided to write a full length historical novel. After several months of research, their first book “Three Gold Nuggets” was completed in January 2008. Cathy, Marty’s wife, primarily created the profile for the charac...
Books: Three Gold Nuggets
Genres: Adventure, Historical Fiction, Religious, Westerns
Realm Of Publishing, Tony Angelo Taliaferro
Tony Angelo Taliaferro Realm of Publishing
Biography: I'm the Author of a few Childrens books and Host at Robin Falls Kids on Red River Radio Also I'm starting a new magazine 'Realm of nuance’ and music My New ebook is out now it's for 'adults' & audio books for the children. My pin name had been Tony Angelo as a C...
Books: All things in time, Out of touch, Two Face
Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Myths, Poetry, Short Stories, Speculative Fiction, Young Adult
Realm Of Publishing, Victoria Chenault
Victoria Chenault Realm of publishing
Biography: Victoria has been writing all her life and creating enchanting lands of fantasy for children has been an important endeavor and one she has only recently seen to fruition. In developing the realm of M.R. Bear and his adventures, she is able to bring a taste...
Books: Bearly Mischief
Genres: Children, Fairy Tales, Short Stories, Young Adult
Reeves, Jeffrey
Jeffrey Reeves
Biography: Jeffrey Reeves has spent over 35 years helping Americans who are trapped in the dysfunctional financial model that incessantly chants the mantra: “You can have everything you need and anything you want as long as you have enough credit!” You can have the sixty i...
Books: Money Now, Money Later, Money for Life! How to Thrive in Good Times and Bad, The 250th Anniversary Edition of "The Way to Wealth" by Benjamin Franklin with Commentary by Dr Agon Fly
Genres: Finance
Rodriquez, Kiexiza
Kiexiza Rodriquez
Biography: Kiexiza Rodriquez, (pronounced Ki-eek-sa, or you can just call her Kie, like Sky, not Key), is the eldest of ten children, mother of four children, who resides in Virginia with her fiancé and youngest two children. Kie realized early on the importance of a pe...
Genres: Mystery, Romance
Rosen, Nikki
Nikki Rosen
Biography: Nikki Rosen is the author of In the Eye of Deception, Dancing Softly, Twisted Innocence and No Hope? Know Know! A Healing Journey. She is the winner of The Word Guild Award, has won a number of short story contests and has been published in various anthologies...
Books: No Hope? Know Hope! A Healing Journey
Genres: Health & Fitness, Memoir, Motivation, Self-Improvement
Russell, Jack
Jack Russell
Biography: I grew up living a country life, working hard on a farm and trying my best to educate myself. I have endured many struggles in life and have learned to be thankful for everyday that I have on this earth. I have wanted to write a book for many years detailing ho...
Books: I Did It, You Can Too
Genres: Humanities, Motivation, Other Interests, Self-Improvement
Ryan, Patricia
Patricia  Ryan
Genres: Business