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Satan's Whiskers
Satan's Whiskers
by Roy Higgins Rating: 0.0

During the reign of the Beatles and on the back of the Mersey beat revolution, other rock and pop bands emerged. Ray Evans joins one of these emerging bands and the story plots the rise and fall of the band Satan’s Whiskers.
A dark shadow hangs over the band after a child is discovered murdered and hidden in a cardboard box. A vigilante tracks down the culprits and extracts retribution. This is the start of a vigilante killing spree. From the very outset the police suspect that one if not all of the band members are involved, as the killings appear to closely follow the band’s movements. Is the killer really a band member? The story will keep you guessing until the very end.

Genres: Crime Fiction
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Conspiracy of Credit
Conspiracy of Credit Read Review
by Corey P Smith Rating: 0.0

Conspiracy of Credit is a must read. Containing the most raw and comprehensive information you will ever find on credit, this book provides shocking answers to the questions of why the credit bureaus want you to have bad credit and why credit is assumedly for poor people. Conspiracy of Credit explains why identity theft is nothing more than a new product created by the credit bureaus and banks to make money. Further, this book tactfully breaks down the reason behind retail and grocery store loyalty cards as well as the use of re-identification software. The speed of light money age is here, and never before has any book provided a blueprint for the future of credit and banking.

Genres: Business, Entrepreneurial, Finance
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