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by Jenna Raven Rating: 0.0

Born the only female Pure Blood, Lupine is treated with great honor, but when her parents and the council tell her she must find a mate instead of fighting in the war she determines to escape and prove herself. It is with one small mistake she finds her life irrevocably changed. The Dark Blood now swirls in Lupine’s veins like an eddy sucking out the life of the wolf she once was. No longer, the bell of the ball, Lupine becomes the very thing she has been trained since birth to hunt and destroy. She is captured and tried by those she loves most and begins a journey that brings her to the darkest depths of her soul. Betrayed and broken, Lupine finds there are some things even the most trained warrior cannot bear. Her only hope of climbing out of the darkness rides on the love of her blood mate. But even the most perfect love may be too late.

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Suspense, Young Adult
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