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by James Stanley Rating: 0.0

Expect the unexpected as author James Stanley completes the final chapter of the Bowman Family Trilogy with the tale of mobster Tony Milano, FBI director John Morrissey, investigative journalist Matt Bowman and a cast of compelling characters as their paths converge and eventually conclude with a perfect blend of suspense, humor, romance and smoldering sexual encounters. FBI Director, John Morrissey, stationed in Boston, is determined to bring down New England's Godfather,Tony Milano and his Providence based organized crime family before his tenure ends. A series of circumstances results in Morrissey seeking the aid, first of Gina Harris Bowman, a part-time FBI special agent; then reporter Matt Bowman and finally the entire Bowman ;family based in Westfield, Massachusetts. Follow the two families through twist after twist as both the Milano Family and Bowman family come together with the Morrissey led FBI. Will Morrissey fulfill his obsession to bring down the Milano Family? Will the Bowman family tilt the scales in the FBI's favor? Will Tony Milano survive unscathed? And who will be eliminated? Follow the roller coaster ride in this fast paced, spell-binding read to its shocking conclusion. You'll be glad you did as you picture in your mind what actors would best play the key roles on screen.

Genres: Crime Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense
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The Back Pain Conspiracy: How to Watch Your Back and Lose the Pain
The Back Pain Conspiracy: How to Watch Your Back and Lose the Pain
by Gillian Hubble Rating: 0.0

There is more to the back pain epidemic than you think…

Are you considering drugs, procedures, or even major surgery for your back pain? If you value your future back health, don’t do anything until you have read this book.

For the first time, get an evidence-based look at back pain causes and the effectiveness of 21 of the most popular conventional and alternative back pain treatments. What works? What doesn’t? Told from the perspective of a back pain survivor and healthcare professional, The Back Pain Conspiracy unearths the startling facts behind the mythology, so you can understand your pain and how to lose it.

You Will Learn:

- Why you have back pain, and why it won’t go away
- How to identify back pain myths and misconceptions
- What the most—and least—effective back pain treatments are
- When to pursue which types of treatment
- Where to look for long-term back pain relief

Genres: Health & Fitness
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Demon Budding
Demon Budding
by Aaron Kruse Rating: 0.0

Can you study fear like a school subject – like math or science? Can you rid yourself of all fear if you understand it? Will a greater fear drive out a lesser fear?

Matt was 11 years old when his mother re-married. His new stepfather seemed fine through the courtship – loving and respectful of her. He simply ignored Matt, but the boy supposed that would change when the man moved in with them. It did.
Love and respect gave way immediately to chronic temper and daily abuse. Verbal became physical. Family life became unrelenting anger, unrelieved disdain, and for Matt and his mother, non-stop fear. By the end of the first year, it was obvious the abuse was planned to drive them out and get the farm. If abuse wouldn’t do it…how far would the man go?
Matt knew his only hope to protect his mother lay in driving their tormentor away. To do that, he had to overcome his fear of the man, and that meant understanding fear itself – fear of the night, of things in the dark, of old abandoned buildings. Guided only by his instinct, he sets out to conquer his fears…and then discovers there really are things in the dark.
Matt needs powers to fight his mother’s tormentor and a cooperative thing can give them to him…for a price. But some things come directly from Hell, and in Hell, prices are tallied in souls.

Matt soon learns in a deal with Hell, you never know all the details until you are – almost – committed.
In the end, will the price of victory be his soul?

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Young Adult
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