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Forums Tips to Market Yourself As an author you are essentially in need of a personal brand. With most people looking for books online, you have a unique opportunity to find your audience but more importantly to help them find you. over 5 years ago
by Maureen Q Nichols
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Forums Ask Other Writers a Question As self publishers what are your greatest challenges? Ask other writers what has worked for them or share what has worked for you. Are any of you interested in traditional publishing? over 5 years ago
by Hannah S
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Forums Express Yourself If you have work to share that is not a completed manuscript we welcome your sharing here. Writers are often isolated. Tell us your stories or your news. over 5 years ago
by gary morris
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Forums OffTheBookshelf.com News We are undergoing a complete redesign now that our full transition is complete. We need for our writers to have formatted books or we have people who can be hired to format them for you. If there are any aspects of the site that you feel should be changed about 5 years ago
by Kevin Davison
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Forums Author Tips & Tools We will be adding to the OTBS blog but we welcome your comments and questions here. What are your goals. Check out www.WAENetwork.com for a sister community that offers groups and tips as well. We will be launching a series of webinars there to teach all over 5 years ago
by Stephen P. Becker
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Forums Book Reviews & Recommendations We would like for our members to review and recommend books on the site. Please contact deborah@offthebookshelf.com if you are interested in participating in this very important activity. Self-published authors need to find ways to gain credibility that i over 5 years ago
by Maya Mahant
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Forums Support We may not always have answers but if there are consistent problems with the site please let us know directly by writing to our support email, but you can also raise the issues here. We want to see if there are things we need to improve to make this site over 5 years ago
by Kent Faus
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Forums Selling your book Share tips & tactics with one another! about 5 years ago
by Mairi Starr
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Forums Ideas for the new year Welcome Deborah Herman our new CEO. We have many plans for the new year and the future of OTBS. Please let us know what your goals are and we will find ways to help you. over 1 year ago
by Philip Chandler
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