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Scattered Tears
Scattered Tears
by Yolanda Gaston Rating: 0.0

“I’ve reached a point in my life where it would be a burden to consider what other people think about me. I can no longer afford to carry around the weight of the world and their opinions. I‘m going to be happy with who I am and give myself permission to be free.”

This is what Grace said on the morning she turned 30. After living a life trying to please those around her and completely ignoring her own feelings, she decided that day to simply stop. Gone were the days that other people could tell her how she should look, how much she should weigh, and who she should love.

Scattered Tears is a poetic depiction of Grace’s life. It describes her climb up from low self esteem and the challenges she faced trying to live up to everyone’s standards but her own. Each poem reveals a tear that has been scattered and a new scar that has been healed. For every tear that she scatters, Grace in turn plants a seed to embrace a new outlook on life.

From breakups to triumphs; from laughter to heartache; from pain to pleasure - this book will celebrate it all. Life is a journey and it is meant to teach us to adapt, accept, and embrace. Join Grace as she learns how to love and accept herself for who she is and emerges a new creation in the process.

"Souled Out"! A former Madam turns her back on the sex trade and breaks her silence.
"Souled Out"! A former Madam turns her back on the sex trade and breaks her silence.
by Tania Fiolleau Rating: 0.0

Tania Fiolleau was Souled Out! She sold her soul to prostitution to save her children from a fate worse than death. Going from an abusive family into a number of foster homes, she landed in the arms of rape and soon found herself in harm’s length of a husband that made her life hell. Prostitution meant money – money that would gain her custody of her two boys. When she was ultimately awarded full and final custody of her children, Tania exited the industry and vowed to dedicate her life to Save the Women.
Reading her story and the statistics demonstrating the abuse that has been perpetrated against women in the trade, you will understand why and how every one of us has a price to pay for letting it go so far.

This is the story of a girl that grew up in a home filled with drugs, alcohol and domestic violence. After being taken out of her abusive home, put into foster care and made a permanent ward of the courts, she could no longer handle being passed around in the system. She ran away from foster care, hitch hiked right into the hands of a maniac and became the victim of a brutal rape at the age of twelve. A few years later, she repeated the cycle of abuse and married a man just like her father. Throughout the marriage, she feared for hers and the lives of her children. She lived in and out of battered women shelters until she divorced this abusive beast of a husband and began a court action to obtain custody of her children, in order to save them from an obscene future. Soon, she was turning her first trick, followed by a four-year-long court battle that led all the way to the Supreme Court. $350,000 of lawyers’ fees later, she had become a madam heading no less than four brothels and having approximately 400-500 women work for her over the years. What would this madam do after she obtained sole custody?
“Although I had reached the top rung of my professional ladder – I was now a madam – I was seeing myself being destroyed physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Tania Fiolleau said, “All the heartache and sorrow I went through will all have been worth it if I can just help one woman climb out of the pit of despair.” She has now made it her goal to love these women and expose the sex industry such as it has never been exposed before – from a former madam’s point of view.

“Souled out! is simply an account of my life in the industry.
If you wish to contribute to the battle to “save the women”, please don’t hesitate to contact Tania through her website, .

The Maverick and Other Poems Spanning Fifty Years
The Maverick and Other Poems Spanning Fifty Years
by Jerine P. Watson Rating: 0.0

Alphabetically arranged rather than chronologically, these intense vignettes tell the story of a woman's life and lost love.

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