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The Principles of Netiquette Read Review
The Principles of Netiquette
by David Chiles Rating: 0.0

The principle actions of appropriate internet etiquette, Netiquette are explained. There are clear explanations of Netiquettes: the internet, social media, mobile, online education, safety, e-commerce, email, and video. The definitions, strategies for engagement, and app category explanations are particularly useful.

It walks you through fundamental internet technologies; Shows you how to be successful in social media; Explains Apps: Utility, Productivity, Social Networking, and Entertainment & Games; And provides the information you need to be successful in online education.

There is important internet security information for safer surfing and a complete description of App Store categories. Everything is designed for effective online communication. It walks you through the principle techniques and strategies while defining and explaining the technology and process. It is your reference for online interaction.

Water Equals You
Water Equals You
by Sandra Verley Rating: 5.0

People around the world are concerned about water. Water Equals You will not only connect the dots between what has transpired and what we believe is water, but the author will also introduce you to the next era of drinking water. She shows you how people around the globe are coping with pollution and its results. She shares with her readers what to look for in this new era of ionized water technologies. You will learn that ionized technologies have long surpassed all others world-wide. She warns the public, commercial entities and Health Boards of the dangers lurking in this new industry with some less credible copycats in the era of water ionization and pollution.

Hydration is key to health. Who would have thought that something so simple as water would become such an amazing revolution and be the actual key to most people's good health?

Sandi Verley opens the eyes of her readers to the importance pH plays in regards to the human body as she highlights the myths created pertaining to water. She shares with you the relevance of living water in your body and most importantly, your bodies’ inability to effectively communicate without it. Water Equals You has been written based on life after massive pollution vs. education written before pollution, and based on the new era of ionized water. She will show you and those you love what to look for in ionized technologies.

by Raymond Mathewson Rating: 0.0

I developed these Review Notes initially in 2007 as a refresher for students returning to college as graduate students in the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy’s Master of Marine Engineering program. They were inspired by my professors at MIT who, at the opening of each graduate thermal power systems course, took the time to review the thermodynamic laws and relationships applicable to the particular course of study. I have subsequently incorporated these notes into my syllabus for the undergraduate Internal Combustion Engines and Gas Turbine courses that I teach at the Academy. This material is for students to use as a refresher and reference guide.

They have been updated for publication in 2012.

by Theresa M. Moore Rating: 0.0

How to Publish and Market A Book or Ebook On a Shoestring Budget, 3rd Edition by Theresa M. Moore. A primer on the history of books and printing, and the basics of preparing a manuscript for publication; including the philosophy and discipline of publishing, marketing and selling, bookkeeping and other developments in digital publishing. Based on the author's years of experience in the print advertising and publishing field, accounting, bookkeeping and tax expertise. The methods in this book can be applied to the development of any product.

2100 - Life in the Late 21st Century
2100 - Life in the Late 21st Century
by Steve Priest Rating: 4.0

2100 – Life in the Late 21st Century is a window into the future. It reveals how the United States will change in the next 100 years and how global changes will transform the world. It is a challenging look into the 21st century; offering more than 150 practical ideas to prepare for the changes ahead. The book is an eye opener into economics, politics, society, science, technology, government, climate change, cyber war, health and medicine, business, globalization and other aspects of the 21st century.

“2100” is a no-nonsense look at the United States and the World in the later years of this century. The book projects the future of what life may be like for current and future generations. It explores globalization and puts all the pieces together and makes common sense predictions.

This book is a blend of contemporary social issues, emerging science and domestic and global economic matters. It provides a porthole into the future. First, it considers America and how we will transform in the next 100 years. Secondly, it considers how the world will evolve and the global changes that will occur.

What will it be like in 2175? Curiosity has got to make you find out!