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Wise Quakers Read Review
Wise Quakers
by Slippers Childrens Books Rating: 0.0

Pre-school Audio Book

The Sandwich Read Review
The Sandwich
by Slippers Childrens Books Rating: 0.0

The Sandwich, a whimsical play on words.

Who Will Hug the Sun by Ey Wade Read Review
Who Will Hug the Sun by Ey Wade
by Virtuoso Book Distribution Rating: 0.0

Mhia loves to hug and receive hugs. In the book, Who Will Hug the Sun?, Mhia is so upset about not being able to hug the sun her mom tells her the story of the antics the sun goes through to get a hug and she learns a little science in the end.

Who Will Hug the Sun is part of a series of picture books titled IN MY SISTER’S WORLD The series features young African-American sisters and their view of the world around them.

Hey Charley by Tony Angelo Read Review
Hey Charley by Tony Angelo
by Slippers Childrens Books Rating: 0.0

Hey Charley! Remember when we were kids and had no choice in anything that we wanted to do? Do you remember when you thought there was nothing good that could come out of those decisions made for us like moving to a new home far away from our friends or attending another school where you were the new kid on the block?

Well, welcome to Charley’s world! Suddenly it seems that his entire life is turned upside down. But instead of finding only the down side of change, Charley is reminded that there is a silver lining in almost everything if you have faith and simply believe!

Tony has woven an intricate story about a child’s worst fears from a brother attending college to his beloved dad getting a new job into something joyous. His use of vivid descriptions captures the angst of every child as they grow and learn to forge their own paths, even if those decisions can be painful at first.

Tony reminded me that even in our adult lives we must look past the worry and the fear of change and see the greater good and the wonderful treats that very well might be hidden around the corner. A wondrous book for all ages, it is meant to be read time and time again as a family, if only a simple reminder that love and faith conquers all.

Pretty Money
Pretty Money
by Angel Williams Rating: 0.0

Ivy, a daddy's girl from Bel Air, Maryland, is living the good life. She comes from a great home with a father and mother, and an adorable baby sister, living a fabulous life surrounded by love and wealth. Soon, her dreams erupt into nightmares when her daddy dies. Next, her mother commits suicide, and she's stuck taking care of her little sister, Amber. To make things worse, her first and only love, Dashawn, does her dirty. Feeling as though everyone gave up on her, Ivy snaps out on everyone she knows and burns bridges. Giving up hope, she runs away and plans on never coming back home. Finding herself not having anywhere to turn, Ivy ends up doing the unthinkable to make a living, and, soon gets addicted to chasing pretty money. She goes from rich, preppy girl to a sassy street walker in the blink of an eye. Finally, thinking the fast life is over and she's able to add stability to her life again, that dream is snatched away from her and Dutches, who is supposed to introduce Ivy to what real pretty money is, turns the heat up and the pressure on. Tired of chasing dreams, Ivy wants to go on her own, but she is now the property of Dutches. Will Ivy be able to keep up with the fast life, or will chasing pretty money get the best of her?

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