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Envy the root of all evil
Envy the root of all evil
by Angel Williams Rating: 0.0

Precious and her friend, Nae Nae, are from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and have been friends since they met in kindergarten. They both have their innocence taken at a young age; Nae Nae by her stepfather and stepbrother, and Precious by Nae's stepbrother. At the age of twelve, Precious gives birth to a beautiful baby girl name Shaniya that her parents assume responsibility of since Precious is so young. Nae Nae's parents end up getting killed, her stepbrother, Rick, goes to jail for the murders, and Nae Nae is sent to live with Precious. As time goes on, Precious seems to have everything that Nae Nae wants. Precious thinks they are best friends, or even better, sisters, while Nae Nae is consumed with envy and starts to drift apart from Precious. While Precious has met the love of her life and starts getting money within the the drug game, Nae Nae blames Precious for all her downfalls, and begins to turn Shaniya against her, corrupting her young mind. Nae Nae spirals out of control as envy overtakes her. Will Nae Nae be able to take over Precious crown or will her envious ways be her downfall?

The Archer, the Horse and the Princess
The Archer, the Horse and the Princess
by Nick Davis Rating: 0.0

The Archer as noble as he is brave, a horse as quick witted as he is fleet of foot, a Princess as beautiful as she is kind, a King as cruel as he is selfish, and a quest of impossible things... Written in Honor of JRR Tolkien's Birthday of January 3rd 1892. This Tolkienesqe Fable takes you to a land far, far away...

Dawg gone by Tony Angelo Read Review
Dawg gone by Tony Angelo
by Slippers Childrens Books Rating: 0.0

Family revisits love through the love of a new puppy.

Bearly Mischief
Bearly Mischief
by Victoria Chenault Realm Of Publishing Rating: 0.0

Reviewed by: Tony Angelo

Creating dreams for children is a wondrous gift and one that I have been proud of for years to be a part of. There is a special way of engaging a child in a fantasy world of rich beliefs and simple values that every parent strives to find and share. Bearly Mischief is a simple world where a much loved pup is a significant part of a growing family and yet a moment of frivolity forces him to question not only his behavior but the very love of his family.

Victoria Chenault has spun a fun-filled tale where a stuffed bear and a black Labrador retriever learn that becoming friends is as important as fitting in. What would you do if you felt that you were a very bad boy? Would you rebel? Would you fall into dispair? Weatherby and M.R. Bear learn very quickly that while there are differences in every relationship, theirs is one that will withstand time and a giggling little boy. All the while they will learn that being themselves is exactly all they need to be. Thank you Victoria for reminding me that developing friendships and overcoming differences is what we all wish we could be better at.

Dawg Gone and The Doseys by Tony Angelo Read Review
Dawg Gone and The Doseys by Tony Angelo
by Slippers Childrens Books Rating: 0.0

Companion learned the rural way.. These stories identified a love and understanding that must be lived threw. Trust isn't just given it must be earned.

This is my forth audio book: Dwg Gone and The Doseys. It's part of my Dreams of our children collection, Illustrations by David Izaguirre Jr narrated and by Bethany Halle.

There are many different backgrounds and identities that I have learned to embrace, simply with compassion and dignity. The dream I have had for sometime now is to reach back and 'pay it forward'.

I want to inspire children and their parents to follow simple stories with a big message. Hopefully these stories can touch their hearts and change their minds. My belief is that children who learn to read can imagine their own future.

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