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Crossing River Jordan
Crossing River Jordan
by Mari Barnes Rating: 0.0

Signals are crossed at River Jordan Full Gospel Church!

A mix-up with Pastor Darnell’s schedule takes Deanna “Dee” Ramsey from a wedding hike to a funeral with a floor show. Dee only wants to take a little break from her responsibilities, but there’s no way that’s going to happen while Rev. Beem is plotting a comeback. He’s hoping that his Forgiveness Festival will make everyone forget all about those awful pictures. He’s fighting to recover everything he’s lost—his position in the church, his self-respect and his family.

A vicious attack at the church leads to a murder in a ballroom with a wrench. Dee jumps at the chance to help the Chicago Police Department solve another crime. But when the criminal crosses Dee’s path, this time it’s personal—the murderer has kidnapped Dee’s mother!

No Ordinary Lizard
No Ordinary Lizard
by Diane Owens Rating: 0.0

If you had a secret pet who was smart enough to write you messages, how far would you go to protect him?

This is the question 11-year-old Ruth Patterson faces every day.

To keep her secret, Ruth must take the blame for all the trouble he causes. To keep him safe, she’ll have to solve the mystery of a glowing rock, decipher a Hawaiian legend, and unravel a string of lies – all before the lizard’s dangerous enemy catches up with them.

Any Ol' Jack Read Review
Any Ol' Jack
by Jack Dexter Dexter Rating: 0.0

Jack Dexter takes the reader on a self-instructive, erotically captivating, hilarious journey of a character living in denial and battling with his sexuality. A double life by all means, Jack struggles with all the "what if's," in his straight social circle, and the increasing fear of everything changing in his life if he were to really in fact be gay. Obstacles and dilemmas are thrown at every interval along his path, and over time Jack learns to redirect his frustrations and transform them into pride.

by David Carl Mielke Rating: 0.0


Are you disgusted with the clowns in Washington, who are playing fast and loose with our nation’s credit, stifling our small businesses with onerous new regulations, shrinking the value of our homes and throwing over 400,000 new workers into the ranks of the unemployed each month? Do you believe our President and representatives were sent to D.C. to enact change for the better, yet all we’ve received was change for the worse? Where is the leader with no personal political agenda, who will act in the nation’s best interest? Who is the leader with the clout, determination and mandate to flush corrupt Congressmen from office and restore Constitutional sanity to the nation’s capital?

Her name is LENA MILLS. She is Washington, D.C.’s worst nightmare. Lena thwarts assassination attempts, disrupts Senate committee hearings, forces the President of the United States to confront his past, and brings the nation to the brink of polarized anarchy. And if that’s not enough -- along the way she finds the love of her life.

I think you’ll find our heroine is just the ticket for your summertime blues -- and a wishful cure for our D.C. malaise.

Happy Reading!

My name is David Carl Mielke. My first two novels: A DISH BEST SERVED COLD and A NATION BEST SERVED HOT have won national awards, and my latest novel is now available in paperback and e-book format with Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book outlets. I invite you to check out WWW.LENAMILLS.COM and read the summary of EXECUTIVE DECEIT -- “A tongue-in-cheek revision of recent history – a poignant blend of fiction and reality.”

by David Carl Mielke Rating: 0.0

Rescued near death after months of torture by a demented Mexican drug lord, EL GATO, DEA agent TRACY HENDERSON lives for revenge but finds the greatest enemy lurks within her own mind.

Itinerant gambler JERRY CALVIN is also on the run from El Gato over a card game gone wrong and botched shipment of cocaine. Using his money and her skills, Jerry and Tracy join to plot a daring counterattack, but find their love for each other gets in the way.

Former exotic dancer LENA MILLS – Tracy’s adopted aunt – is engaged to Florida Governor WIN STEDMAN, only to lose him on their wedding night to a massive heart attack. Outspoken and eloquent, Lena uses her rising popularity and newly-discovered ability to read minds and forecast the future to wage a mystically-mandated war against corrupt politicians.

In this sequel to A DISH BEST SERVED COLD, ride a roller-coaster adventure of raw humor, retribution and triumph of the human spirit – as Lena, Tracy and Jerry team with sassy media magnet MELONY MAJOR to chase crooked congressmen from office and turn Washington on its ear.
Paraphrasing John Paul Jones: THEY HAVE JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT!

Please visit my website: WWW.LENAMILLS.COM for Paperback, Kindle and Nook Purchase Options.

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