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Like the Day I Was Born: 40 Poems, 40 Places, 40 Days
Like the Day I Was Born: 40 Poems, 40 Places, 40 Days
by Philip Vassallo Rating: 0.0

This collection of poetry, Philip Vassallo's first, spans 20 years of experience in 40 different locations. The connection between poem and place in this volume is not always apparent. For that matter, among the many proofs of the duality of human nature is our ability to be present or to transcend our environment. Vassallo sees people often isolated, desperate, trapped in a mechanized world, and in conflict with nature or themselves. But underlying each poem is a reaffirmation of the will to live.

Sparks from the Burning City
Sparks from the Burning City
by Michael Ugulini Rating: 0.0

Poems, which subtly speak of a foreboding future amidst the beauty and grace to be found today. "Sparks from the Burning City" is poetry that revels in the here and now, while casting a wary eye to that horizon tinged with red and orange.

The Naught Times
The Naught Times
by Jane Marion Rating: 0.0

When a heart is empty it seeds itself on a blank page, with the hope growth might arise out of each loss. The Naught Times is a collection of short, melancholy prose and fiction about love, loss, friendship and nostalgia. From cover to cover the writing spans the last decade of the author's life. It is a book about the difficulty of saying goodbye, and letting go.

Obscurities of the Heart
Obscurities of the Heart
by Irenia Guajardo Rating: 0.0

Collection of dark poetry

I remember you well by Louis M. Boudreaux By: Louis M. Boudreaux Read Review
I remember you well by Louis M. Boudreaux By: Louis M. Boudreaux
by Virtuoso Book Distribution Rating: 0.0

This poetry was written over the last four years; in Hollywood California, Las Vegas Nevada, Casa Grande, Tempe, and Tucson Arizona. Written in friend’s bedrooms, coffee shops, bars, sitting on sidewalks, motel rooms, and jail cells. Thank you to The Lost Girls for all of your inspiration. An extra special thank you to Riverside Julia for getting me started over a decade ago. Your belief in me has not been in vain. My most heartfelt appreciation to you, the reader. Writing this book has brought me great joy and heartache. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.
All my love and respect,
Louis M. Boudreaux

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