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Wrath 2nd Edition
Wrath 2nd Edition
by Kevin Davison Rating: 0.0

A paranoid-schizophrenic suffers from delusions and dissociative identity disorder. This diagnosis is new to him having no mental health history in his family prior to his recent affliction. Bennett Andrews is a known transient that dwells in Reno Nevada and lives off of the tourists he pan handles from. He finds himself missing a chunk of his memories and awakens in a mental institution in Washington DC having no idea how he got there. After suffering from an alternate identity his psychiatrist, Doctor Victoria Tabbott accidentally discovers is the name of a detective from LA that died in a car accident with his family in Reno near where Bennett lived she becomes curious and investigates it further. Uniting with Special Agent Anthony Hauck, the three of them along with Bennett's alternate personality unravel a dark government conspiracy and secrets to Bennett's diagnosis that baffle the most intelligent scientists and doctors. They uncover a plot that puts them all in danger of being assassinated by the government they believe in. The actions and paths taken unlock a mysterious paranormal phenomenon that calls itself Wrath.

LIVE FREE OR DIE FIGHTING- Survival in the North Country
LIVE FREE OR DIE FIGHTING- Survival in the North Country
by Ralph Gregorio Rating: 0.0

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, mankind had made great strides in ensuring the comfort and ease of living for his fellow man. The invention of the airplane and the ability to travel across the globe in hours, the invention of the automobile, giving man mobility that was unheard of in past times. The harnessing of electrical power, giving light at the flick of a switch and of course, the computer, making mundane work tasks as simple as pressing a few buttons.

Now at the beginning of the twenty-first century, all of those advances are being taken for granted. No one even thinks about waking up in the morning, turning on a bathroom light, taking a hot shower indoors, brewing up the morning coffee and then getting into his automobile and commuting twenty or thirty miles to work. Once at work, he turns on his computer, surfs the net and gets the latest stock quotes, baseball scores or checking his emails. In some cases, he may even actually use the computer for work related activities. All of this is done without a second thought. Sure there have been storms where the power had gone out for a few minutes or even a few hours, those were taken in stride as minor inconveniences. Whenever there was a major storm, some people even lost power for a few weeks but they always knew the power would be back on and the government would set up shelters for those not prepared for this type of incident. Many others have at one time experienced a breakdown with his automobile. A headache for sure but that person usually just took out his cell phone and called for a tow truck or family member to come to his aid. People who traveled a lot often had flight cancellations. A great inconvenience for some but everyone knew that within hours, there would be another flight and they would get to their destination.

No one in their right mind could ever fathom that the lights wouldn’t turn on, the computers would not work, the cars wouldn’t move and no airplanes would be flying. People thought that would be like going back to the middle ages, when in actuality, it wasn’t all that long ago. Modern people just can not cope with living without all of these modern appliances. It was their God given right to be comfortable without a thought of how it all comes about.

That is exactly what happened one hot summer morning. People were busy doing their normal everyday tasks of getting ready for work or commuting to their jobs or to go shopping. Others turned on the television to watch the news, while some were lying on an operating table, being worked on by skilled surgeons. Many were over the oceans or on a cross country flight when the unthinkable happened. The power went out. Not just the electricity to turn on the lights but all electrical power to include the computers that actually operated the cars, the planes, the trains and medical equipment. Soon, in a matter of minutes, people would be thrown back to the nineteenth century. Many of those people would die when the planes went down or in a hospital that lost its ability to perform routine operations. For many it was a major inconvenience, for a few, it meant the end of life.

This is a tale of one man's efforts to deal with not only a massive EMP but also a rogue government and UN troops.

BAILE CORCRA SERIES:  Adolescent Peril
by G. C. Lian Rating: 0.0

Sarge and the humans from Earth have survived a very trying first year on the alien planet Baile Corcra. After fighting off native wildlife, and nearly being annihilated by the resident humans known as the Banne, they have settled down and established a thriving community. Over the next four years their bond with the native aliens known as the Kleyn grows, with some even joining the small human community. Just as things seem to be going well a civil war breaks out among the Kleyn and hurls Sarge and his people into a fight for their survival again.

BAILE CORCRA SERIES:  Unexpected Arrival
BAILE CORCRA SERIES: Unexpected Arrival
by G. C. Lian Rating: 0.0

A bus full of middle school students are heading home on a cold March afternoon. As the driver makes a right turn an intense bright light engulfs the bus blinding everyone. Moments later the light disappears and the students find themselves in whole new world.
Welcome to Baile Corcra, a pre-industrialized sparsely populated planet in an unknown galaxy. Follow the exploits of the students through their own eyes as they struggle to adapt and survive on an alien world. From hazy green skies and purple grass, to vicious humans, aliens and hostile plant life the students will face challenges to survive and grow into a strong self-reliant community. They rest their hope on two adults whom they thought were just school bus drivers. Can they adjust to the new world, or will they become the next victims of a hostile planet.

Alchemy and Evil, The Bornless One
Alchemy and Evil, The Bornless One
by Jc Gallacher Rating: 0.0

Alchemy and Evil, The Bornless One - a story of ambition, passion, love and betrayal...of sacrifice and glory, of fighting for what is right. A story of good versus evil on a planet where an ancient force has awakened and is hungry for domination!

An old alchemist along with his daughter and a bunch of strangers bond together to form a rag tag group who become unwitting pawns in a battle for their planet, fighting monsters, hybrids, dragons and wicked sorcerors all under the control of The Bornless One.

Only an ancient book, the Hagra D'aath has the key to deafeating evil, but where is it and who can read its obscure language?

Enter our beleaguered heroes and heroines. Two young woman, a lizard girl and a handsome mysterious stranger, along with a young lad with mystical powers will find themselves fighting not just for their lives but for the planet and all existence!