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Frontier Son
Frontier Son
by Aaron Kruse Rating: 0.0

Spring has returned to the Green River area, Andy Gunder’s ranch is thriving and life is good. His son Samuel is coming up on 14, growing fast and proving himself a true frontier son. Andy is intensely proud of him and already planning for the boy to take over the Gunder ranch and businesses. However, the Green River area is still frontier, and to survive, both Andy and Samuel must face the dangers of that land.

Stealing from Fontenelle Ranch is a near-guaranteed way to meet your Maker, as a notorious gang learns trying to steal Andy’s horse herd. It’s a bad day for the outlaws when Samuel joins Andy for his first manhunt, and even worse when the U.S. Marshall asks Andy’s help in running down those who escaped the first fight.

Some men only learn the hard way. Some never learn at all. The outlaw leader decides to take personal vengeance on Andy for killing his band and spoiling his plans. In the resulting test of wills, Samuel shows himself to be truly a Gunder and truly worthy of his father’s trust.

Frontier Son is the fourth in the Gunder’s Bride series of Westerns.

Trail's End
Trail's End
by Aaron Kruse Rating: 1.0

Tim Farrell is a survivor. From behind-the-lines raiding for the Union Army to fighting Comanche in Texas, he does whatever is necessary to win, however distasteful. When he left it all behind and went back to farming, he hoped to find peace, but a man can’t leave his memories behind.

Homesteading in Colorado, Tim fights claim jumpers, Indians, corrupt miners, and Mother Nature, and beats them all. But guilt isn’t so easy to defeat. A lost love isn’t easy to forget. His only real friend is a disenchanted, wise-cracking priest who wonders what torments his friend but doesn’t know how to help.

Emma Rogers is a survivor, too. But 14 years with a drunken, self-serving gambler have worn her hopes away. When she arrives in Chigger-Be-Gone with a lame horse, a broken wagon, and two starving children, she has none left. The first storm of the winter threatens, and her gambler lies dead a half-day’s travel back with an arrow in his chest. The village priest wants to help, but frontier towns exist on the edge. Where do you find charity when survival itself is in question?

Stalking Hawk rides and raids for the honor of the Jicarilla Apache, killing the whites who have taken his people’s lands and their way of life. The elders reminisce about the days of their fathers and grandfathers, but they cannot see the future. They counsel caution and making an accord with the white enemy. The young brave rejects this path, and he and his friends return to the path of their ancestors, believing in this way they will lead their people back to greatness.

The fates of these and more will cross in the mountains of Colorado, and their futures will change forever.

Change comes at a price, sometimes a very high price.

by Jenna Raven Rating: 5.0

Born the only female Pure Blood, Lupine is treated with great honor, but when her parents and the council tell her she must find a mate instead of fighting in the war she determines to escape and prove herself. It is with one small mistake she finds her life irrevocably changed. The Dark Blood now swirls in Lupine’s veins like an eddy sucking out the life of the wolf she once was. No longer, the bell of the ball, Lupine becomes the very thing she has been trained since birth to hunt and destroy. She is captured and tried by those she loves most and begins a journey that brings her to the darkest depths of her soul. Betrayed and broken, Lupine finds there are some things even the most trained warrior cannot bear. Her only hope of climbing out of the darkness rides on the love of her blood mate. But even the most perfect love may be too late.

Demon Budding
Demon Budding
by Aaron Kruse Rating: 0.0

Can you study fear like a school subject – like math or science? Can you rid yourself of all fear if you understand it? Will a greater fear drive out a lesser fear?

Matt was 11 years old when his mother re-married. His new stepfather seemed fine through the courtship – loving and respectful of her. He simply ignored Matt, but the boy supposed that would change when the man moved in with them. It did.
Love and respect gave way immediately to chronic temper and daily abuse. Verbal became physical. Family life became unrelenting anger, unrelieved disdain, and for Matt and his mother, non-stop fear. By the end of the first year, it was obvious the abuse was planned to drive them out and get the farm. If abuse wouldn’t do it…how far would the man go?
Matt knew his only hope to protect his mother lay in driving their tormentor away. To do that, he had to overcome his fear of the man, and that meant understanding fear itself – fear of the night, of things in the dark, of old abandoned buildings. Guided only by his instinct, he sets out to conquer his fears…and then discovers there really are things in the dark.
Matt needs powers to fight his mother’s tormentor and a cooperative thing can give them to him…for a price. But some things come directly from Hell, and in Hell, prices are tallied in souls.

Matt soon learns in a deal with Hell, you never know all the details until you are – almost – committed.
In the end, will the price of victory be his soul?

Spirit Walks
Spirit Walks
by Aaron Kruse Rating: 5.0

Wyoming in the 1890s is still a rough and dangerous place. If the Indian Wars are mostly over, horse thieves and bandits still roam the countryside, and it’s no place for the weak-willed or the squeamish.
Wyoming rancher Andy Gunder, protecting his family and ranch, does what is necessary and teaches his son the same way. Even at seven years old, Samuel is an apt student and Andy figures he’ll do alright on the frontier. The preacher still teaches the meek shall inherit the earth and love conquers all, and Andy still believes it’s just plain foolish. Samuel seems to have found a way to balance the two views and Andy’s very proud of his son.

When Samuel is kidnapped, his very survival is in doubt; his parents are challenged beyond anything the family has ever seen. Andy and Sandy’s love becomes the only chance the boy has.
The adventure which follows provides a whole new outlook on life for everyone. Andy still knows the meek aren’t going to inherit much of anything, but sometimes, love does conquer all.

Spirit Walks is the third in the Andy Gunder series. Look also for Gunder’s Bride and Gunder’s Law, and Frontier Son.

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