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The Principles of Netiquette Read Review
The Principles of Netiquette
by David Chiles Rating: 0.0

The principle actions of appropriate internet etiquette, Netiquette are explained. There are clear explanations of Netiquettes: the internet, social media, mobile, online education, safety, e-commerce, email, and video. The definitions, strategies for engagement, and app category explanations are particularly useful.

It walks you through fundamental internet technologies; Shows you how to be successful in social media; Explains Apps: Utility, Productivity, Social Networking, and Entertainment & Games; And provides the information you need to be successful in online education.

There is important internet security information for safer surfing and a complete description of App Store categories. Everything is designed for effective online communication. It walks you through the principle techniques and strategies while defining and explaining the technology and process. It is your reference for online interaction.

How To Build A Simple Top Bar Hive
How To Build A Simple Top Bar Hive
by Philip Chandler Rating: 0.0

Illustrated instructions for building a top bar hive to Phil Chandler's design, using a pair of 'follower boards' to manage the space occupied by bees.

This is a tried-and-tested horizontal hive design that can easily be adapted for particular needs (e.g. queen rearing or making nucs) and you can add your own details, such as a landing board.

For a full account of the theory of top bar hive design, with details the eco-floor and periscope entrance and much more, you should order Balanced Beekeeping I: Building a Top Bar Hive - see

Balanced Beekeeping I: Building a Top Bar Hive
Balanced Beekeeping I: Building a Top Bar Hive
by Philip Chandler Rating: 5.0

The first of (at least) two books on 'Balanced Beekeeping' - the art of keeping bees while respecting their natural life and their vital role in nature and agriculture.

This book covers the theory and practice of designing and building the top bar hive - easily the most versatile and beekeeper-friendly hive, and certainly one of the most bee-friendly. The writing is detailed but easy to follow, and anyone considering this style of beekeeping should have a copy to hand as a reference and practical guide.

The author's first book - The Barefoot Beekeeper - started something of a revolution in what became known as 'natural beekeeping'. This book sets out the case for using top bar hives and discusses design features you will not find elsewhere, as well as giving many practical construction tips.

Required reading for any natural beekeeper!

Water Equals You
Water Equals You
by Sandra Verley Rating: 5.0

People around the world are concerned about water. Water Equals You will not only connect the dots between what has transpired and what we believe is water, but the author will also introduce you to the next era of drinking water. She shows you how people around the globe are coping with pollution and its results. She shares with her readers what to look for in this new era of ionized water technologies. You will learn that ionized technologies have long surpassed all others world-wide. She warns the public, commercial entities and Health Boards of the dangers lurking in this new industry with some less credible copycats in the era of water ionization and pollution.

Hydration is key to health. Who would have thought that something so simple as water would become such an amazing revolution and be the actual key to most people's good health?

Sandi Verley opens the eyes of her readers to the importance pH plays in regards to the human body as she highlights the myths created pertaining to water. She shares with you the relevance of living water in your body and most importantly, your bodies’ inability to effectively communicate without it. Water Equals You has been written based on life after massive pollution vs. education written before pollution, and based on the new era of ionized water. She will show you and those you love what to look for in ionized technologies.

Learning From Bees: a philosophy of natural beekeeping
Learning From Bees: a philosophy of natural beekeeping
by Philip Chandler Rating: 5.0

A collection of short essays on bees and beekeeping by the author of The Barefoot Beekeeper.

The author's first book set out a challenge to the world of conventional beekeeping and offered an alternative paradigm. It soon became apparent that other people had been thinking along similar lines, and when bees were headlined month after month in the national press, following the outbreak of so-called 'colony collapse disorder' in the USA, many more people became interested in bees and what became known as the 'natural beekeeping' movement began to emerge.

Our challenge now is to re-negotiate our relationship with bees: we must learn to protect and nurture them, rather than simply exploit them, and we need to learn to listen to what they need from us.

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