Indie Author and Reader Community

OffTheBookshelf.com was created by a team of innovative writers and IT people. Founder and CFO Scott Weisenthal envisioned a community where independent authors would blossom into successful publishers.. The special technology created for this site enables writers to fully publish and sell their works for nominal or no upfront costs. And Offthebookshelf.com is an indie reader’s paradise for finding both new and established voices.

Authors are empowered to set up their own virtual bookstore; market themselves; set their own price points; network with like-minded readers; create their own cover art; convert their Word files  to epub FOR FREE and get mass-distribution. The site is NOT a vanity press; it is a unique self-publishing opportunity offering the newest tools and information for how to succeed in the ever-evolving digital world.

OTBS’ founders realized they would offer tremendous additional value by joining forces with a traditional publishing veteran. New CEO, Deborah Herman, has spent twenty years as a literary agent with The Jeff Herman Agency, primarily in charge of project discovery and development. Deborah has had 11 of her own non-fiction books traditionally published and is the co-author with her husband, literary agent Jeff Herman, of “Write the Perfect Book Proposal: Ten Proposals that Worked and Why.” Deborah (who goes by the twitter handle @digitalDeborah) recently earned two graduate certifications in Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing from the Rutgers University mini MBA program. She diligently keeps ahead of the technology curve in order to provide you with the most accurate information available about how to prevail as a 21st-Century independent publishing professional.

Jeff and Deborah Herman co-created the dynamic social network: Writers-Agents- and – Editors Network, www.WAENet.com.The network brings writers and industry insiders together in a casual social setting. Although he is busy in the midst of traditional publishing and literary agenting, Jeff is a close advisor to both sites and encourages self-publishers to take advantage of the valuable education available from the Off the Bookshelf Blog. Jeff is a strong believer that self-publishing is no less legitimate than the traditional route. There are many excellent reasons why today’s authors choose to self-publish, instead of following the traditional approach. Ever more frequently, it is not a default decision. The publishing industry is in flux and the business model offered by offthebookshelf.com puts authors in the driver’s seat.

The main difference for self-publishers is that they have to do certain things for themselves instead of delegating it all to a traditional publisher.  However, we partner with the best editors, marketers, publicists, cover designers, and interior designers in the business. Deborah and Jeff Herman have been in the publishing industry for a long time and they have chosen talented people to help you compete and win in the marketplace. At OTBS We can connect you with whatever type of consultant you need to give your book that added edge and professionalism. The easiest part for you is to sign up and upload your book. And be sure to also join www.waenet.com, so that you may learn from and network with fellow writers, readers and publishers. We are here to answer your questions and help make your publishing experience as rewarding, joyful and lucrative as it can be.

We hope and envision that the next great literary masters will be discovered on OffTheBookshelf.com. As both a reader and an author you will help make that happen.So come on in. Buy great books. Publish great books.