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New Tools! Free ePub Converter, Audiobook Creator, Mass Distribution Package and Marketing Packages! All you need is a Microsoft Word document to create and publish eBooks, audiobooks and printed books! Take a quick tour or watch the webinar.

Below is a list of marquee offerings currently offers:

Mass Distribution Engine


Our Mass Distribution Engine is your single point of entry into publishing. Once you upload your printed book, you’ll go into the My Books tab of your back office and elect to have it mass distributed for $39.99 a year. Then we’ll place your book on sites like,, Ingram,, and more. When your book sells, you’ll see the sale in your back office and be able to cash out. It’s that easy.

Free Cover Art Creator


Our Free Cover Art Creator allows authors to create their color or black & white book cover with control and ease. You can have professional quality in minutes by utilizing all the Free Cover Art Creator features. Adjust fonts, colors, titles, descriptions, spacing text placement and guides for the front and back covers and the spine of your book. You can also choose between a large library of covers to chose the right look and feel for your needs. It's FREE and easy to use, and you will have your very own book cover forever.

We can also send you a free template for you to do it yourself or connect you with a cover art designer.

AudioBook Creator


Our AudioBook Creator allows authors to choose between 6 unique voices, giving your book the overall tone and mood you see fit. You can even write in special instructions for accents and pronunciation directions. You can have a professional audiobook in one week, read by a professional actor or actress in a state-of-the-art editing facility. Check it out today and create a top-of-the-line audiobook that's yours forever.

In our tips section, you can find ways to record your own audiobook.

Print Book Converter


You want the perfect printed book, which requires the perfect interior format. Use our free converter to convert your Microsoft Word document into a print ready PDF. You'll also get a formatted Word document, which you can make changes to and then reupload.

Doc to ePub Converter


ePub is the way of the future for eBooks, and we're proud to offer you the free conversions. Just upload your Word document and your cover, and we do the rest. You can see your eBook as both a PDF and an ePub eBook.

Complete Services List

A complete list of's many unique helpful services:

  • PDF eBooks
  • ePub eBooks
  • Free ePub converter
  • AudioBooks
  • Professional AudioBook Creator
  • B&W Printed Books
  • Color books
  • Free Cover Art Creator
  • Proofreaders
  • Editors
  • Illustrators
  • Cover Art Designers
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Sales Tracking
  • Copyrighting
  • ISBNs
  • Mass Distribution on Other Sites (Amazon and Barnes & Noble) (and throughout the US, UK and Canada)
  • Marketing Tools
  • Marketing Packages
  • And Much More!
  • And, most importantly, personal service!